Are you interested in creating your own amazing video content? You’re not alone!

Because of the prevalent use of video now in social media (something that didn’t even exist a few years ago) having professional-looking videos is not only paramount, but will set you apart from everyone else.

As a photographer and marketing expert, I frequently get asked by my clients what they should do to create great videos. The biggest takeaway in my response is this: You don’t always need a professional camera!

Whether it’s posting videos or vlogs on YouTube, or having beautiful videos to post on Instagram or Facebook, there are a few key ingredients that go into making the perfect DIY kit for making professional, quality videos.

You will need:

  • An Iphone 12 Pro
  • A Gimbal Stabilizer/ Tripod
  • Audio Equipment

Iphone 12:

Whether you agree with this or not, getting the latest iPhone is essential for great video. Technology, and video technology especially, has increased so rapidly in the last few years that the cameras in these phones can almost be comparable to a professional DSLR camera! While they still can’t do quite as much, the quality of the captures are tremendous. Get a new iPhone, particularly the Iphone 12 Pro with astounding photographic effects and features, and you’re already one step closer to getting your kit completed. While you’re there add this adaptor for your audio!

Gimbal Stabilizer:

Another important element in creating superb video content is the use of a Gimbal Stabilizer. A stabilizer is an amazing item that does a myriad of things: it stabilizes your phone (to prevent movement and blurriness), it can swivel 360 degrees, it’s super lightweight (about a pound), creates incredibly smooth shots, connects to bluetooth and just about any iphone. It really does everything you need to make you look polished and professional. It’s extremely affordable and worth every penny when you see how beautiful your videos will turn out to be.

Audio Equipment:

Want to know the third item in this kit that is practically like magic for your videos? Audio. While microphones on your smartphone have improved dramatically year after year, there’s something to be said for true audio added to your microphone that makes it professional-sounding and a huge step above the competition. One of my personal – and very simple – favorites is the Movo.

Interested in how you can put this kit together in the most productive way? I would love to help you make the best video content for your marketing efforts. Visit my website to enroll in my yearly program, my workshops or sign up for my monthly consulting program. With these specialized programs, I can teach you the best lighting, the best way to set up your sound and audio, and the best way to connect all the dots so you too can have beautiful, complete videos that look and sound professional!


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