You might be wondering

How do my copywriters match the style that I want?

We work together through a brand clarity process.

What if the writer doesn't sound like me?
No worries. We’ll get you a writer that matches your message preferences.
Do I have any other options?
Yes, we have 10 different writers. We won’t stop until you’re happy.
Do I have to get professional photography done?

We know you probably don’t like being on camera. But people with branding photography and headshots get 600% more reactions/engagement.

Do I have to be on video?

No, you don’t have to be on video. But your business will need to have a presence on video. We can hire actors to do the work for you. We also teach you how to be on video. You’ll have plenty of practice.

How much time do I need to spend per month?

Between 7-10 hours. The longer time you’ve been in the program, the less time you’ll have to spend.

What if it doesn't work after 6 months?

We’ve never had anyone with this problem. But if needed, we can renegotiate the contract.

Do I have to come up with the topics?

No. However, to make it more personal we’ll have a monthly meeting with our marketing directors. We’ll ask questions to get more relevant topics about what’s happening now.

Do I have to approve my writing?

Yes. We want to make sure that it sounds like you and reflects your business. Businesses change so we want to make sure you’re involved.

Do I have to approve my graphics?

Yes. We change the style every 4 months. We want to make sure you still like it.

Will I have a project manager?

Yes. We’re available for you to communicate/ask questions and discuss your project. We’re available 8-4 pm PST M-F.

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