Have you heard about Clubhouse? It’s the newest social media app taking the world by storm.

While its popularity may not be equal to that of Instagram or Facebook yet, it has grown in popularity over the last year– COVID stay-at-home orders made social media a necessity more than ever!

So, what’s in it for you and why should you think about adding this app to your list of social media?

1. It’s Different

Clubhouse is strictly about listening or speaking. The entire app is based on the concept of podcasting. So, you’re either hopping on to listen to someone talk, or you are talking, giving the podcast. The focus is on audio. Not on texting, not on pictures, and not on video. And that’s the appeal! You can listen to talks about cats, or cryptocurrency, or cutlery! You can find a chat room that appeals to your topic of choice. And if you’re one of the lucky few who get to speak on this platform, then more power to you!

Oh, another different part of this app? These podcasts are live! Not pre-recordings. So you’re in for an added element of excitement knowing the audio hasn’t been edited.

2. It’s New

Trends are fun. Especially in technology. It means something else to dabble your social toe into and see if it works for you. According to the New York Times, “Last summer, the social media app Clubhouse had just a few thousand users, mostly Silicon Valley tech workers and venture capitalists who wanted to connect with one another during the pandemic. Today, it has millions of users, a valuation of roughly $1 billion, and a ton of buzz.”

This means it’s a matter of time until everyone knows about it, and either has the app or will have it. Being a brand new app adds a value of excitement behind it, driving its popularity.

3. It’s Exclusive

Here’s the other value of excitement to this app: You have to be invited (by a current listener or speaker) to be able to listen or speak. Yep. At this point, you can’t just download this app to your phone and listen away to the latest podcast on knitting. As the name suggests, there’s an exclusivity aspect to it. While this may change, it’s actually what’s making this app popular: having to be invited means there’s an element of eliteness that goes with it.

Perhaps the rules on its exclusivity will change. Maybe not. It’s too early to tell. But at this point, that exclusivity makes the app all that much more enticing.

While Clubhouse may not be your cup of tea, it’s been said that one of the best features about it is that no camera is necessary! You can be yourself, not worry about putting your best face forward, and instead, utilize the app for what it is for: to learn and glean information on groups or things that interest you.

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